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App security: email verification

This component allows you to secure your app and give you control over who gains access. The feature enables you to authorise only users with a verified email address to have access to the app.


How does it work?

  1. User will have to input their email address

  2. This email will be checked in a data source

  3. If the email is found in the data source, the user will get an authentication code sent to that email address

  4. User will need to enter the authentication code in the app and then they will have access

  5. A user will only need to do this once the first time they use the app

To configure this component:

  1. Drag and drop the component to your screen

  2. In the settings, select the data source with the verified users (or create one) and select the column that holds the email addresses

  3. Choose how long the authentication code will be valid, it’s by default set to 60 minutes. If you change this, note it's measured in minutes

  4. Next option you have is to allow domain whitelisting - this allows you to give quick access to anyone with a specific email domain (i.e Separate domains with a comma for multiple domain whitelisting

    1. This means you do not have to add emails in the data source, but their emails will be captured and added to the data source when they access the app

  5. As a final step, click on the redirect tab and select the screen the user should be re-directed to once successfully authenticated

Note: When adding the email verification don't forget to enforce security through our security rules. You find this under 'Settings' and 'App security' 

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