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Configure Push Notifications for Android

There’s three steps to this process: 

  1. Create a new project and get push details - in Firebase 

  2. Add project details to app - in Fliplet Studio

  3. Setup the app to ask users to accept notifications - in Fliplet Studio

Create a new project in Firebase: 

  1. Go to the Firebase console and click on Add project
  2. Give your project a name (can be anything) and specify your location, then click Create project


4. Now you will be launched to the project dashboard and this is where we need to get the push details

5. Click the settings button and then click on Project settings

6. In the first tab you can find Project ID which you need to enter in Fliplet Studio. The other two items you can find in the Cloud Messaging tab

Add project details in Fliplet Studio

  1. Go to the Publish section in Fliplet Studio

  2. Click ‘Publish to Android devices’ and go to the ‘Push notifications’ tab

  3. Here you need to enter the information from Firebase: 

    • Firebase sender ID

    • Firebase server key

    • Project ID 

  4. Click save


Setup the app to ask users to sign up for notifications

  1. In Fliplet Studio, go to  ‘Send notifications’ in the publish section

  2. In the ‘Permission popup’ tab, tick the box for "Show notification pop-up automatically" 

  3. Click save

Final step is to publish the app so that the settings are applied to your live app. Do this by clicking on ‘Update your app’ and select your update method. For more help on publishing your app, please read this article.  

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