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How to configure your Apple developer accounts

Note: this guide assumes you have already setup your Apple developer accounts. If you have not done that yet, please see this article for creating your Apple developer accounts.

Two things to note about Apple's system for managing apps:

  1. Apple Developer Program team roles determine access to membership benefits which are related to app development and testing in your account and Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles. 

  2. App Store Connect roles determine access to areas of App Store Connect related to submitting apps and managing apps that are available on the public App Store and Mac App Store.

    1. App Store Connect access is not required for enterprise (internal) apps - only the public app store.

We recommend that you setup a new Apple ID on a separate email address that you use with Fliplet so you can disable this account if you no long want Fliplet to have access to your Apple account. Apple does allow alias email addresses to be used to avoid setting up new email addresses.

To set up an Apple Developer account so Fliplet Studio can build apps for App Store or Enterprise apps:

  1. Visit and login

  2. Click 'People' and 'Invite People'

  3. Enter the email address of the user you want to invite or create in the 'Invite as admins' field

  4. Logout

  5. Open the email account for the new user and click the 'View invitation' link in the email

  6. Log in using the Apple ID to gain access, if you don't have an Apple ID associated with that email address create one and set the password

  7. Log in as the new user and confirm they have access to 'Certificates' on the left-hand menu. If the user doesn't they do not have enough privileges and Fliplet will not be able to use this to create apps

To set up an App Store Connect account to use in Fliplet to submit and maintain App Store apps:

  1. Visit and login

  2. From the homepage, click Users and Roles, then click App Store Connect Users.

  3. Click the Add button (+) next to Users.

  4. Enter the user’s first name, last name, and email address, and click Next.

    • The email address can be any email address, it doesn't need to be a Fliplet email address

    • The email address must be valid to activate the account. It can be any email address, not necessarily one that’s associated with an Apple ID.

  5. Select the user roles for this user, and click Next.

  6. Select the types of user notifications assigned to this user by territory.

  7. Click Save

  8. Test the account works by doing one of the following:

  9. The new user receives an email from the iTunes Store that includes a link to activate the account. (Make sure to have the user check spam and junk mail filters if the activation email doesn’t arrive.)

    • If the account was created with an existing Apple ID, the user is asked to sign in to App Store Connect.

    • If the account was created with an email address not already associated with an Apple ID, App Store Connect creates an Apple ID using the information supplied to the App Store Connect account. The user is asked to enter a password and create a security question and answer before App Store Connect opens.

  10. Login to with the new account details

  11. Click 'My apps' and click the '+' symbol to confirm the account can submit apps. If the user doesn't they do not have enough privileges and won't be able to use this to create apps

These instructions are from

Once you have created the account details and confirmed they are working you can enter them into the relevant section of the 'Launch' settings in Fliplet Studio and request an app to test they are working. See this article for how to launch Apple apps.

How to confirm the type of Apple account you have
There are 3 types of Apple accounts:

  • Personal - this is for an individual and shouldn't be used by companies
  • Company / Organization - this is required to upload apps to the Apple App Store
  • In-house / enterprise developer account - this is required for distributing apps privately to company Apple devices

To check which account you have:

  1. Login to
  2. Go to the 'Membership' section
  3. Look at the 'Entity type' to confirm the type of account you have:
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