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Clearing an app's data on Android

Sometimes, reinstalling the app doesn't cut it alone.

Sometimes in the course of app development, testing, or troubleshooting issues, it can be helpful to clear an app's data on your Android device.

On certain Android versions, even if an app is uninstalled and reinstalled, some configuration files and other data can remain stored on your device. This can be problematic when trying to resolve an issue.

On Android 6 (Marshmellow):

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu by pulling the notification tray from the top and tapping on the settings 'cog'.
  2.  Find 'Apps' or 'Applications' in the menu.
  3. Locate the app in the list, and tap on it.
  4.  Find the 'Storage' or 'Data' panel (see the above screenshot)
  5.  Select 'Clear Data'
Choose files or drag and drop files
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