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Configure Push Notifications for iOS

There’s four steps to this process: 

  1. Enable push for the app and create push certificate - in your Apple developer account

  2. Create an APNs key - in your Apple developer account

  3. Upload details from APNs key - in Fliplet Studio

  4. Setup the app to ask users to accept notifications - in Fliplet Studio

1. Enable push for your app:

  • Go to your Apple Developer Centre and click on “Certificates, IDs & Profiles”

  • Click on Identifiers, and click on the app you are configuring push notifications for.

    • If you don't have an app ID yet, click on the  blue + button at the top and add it there. You need to make sure the bundle ID added here is the same as the one used in Fliplet Studio. You can check your apps bundle ID in the Publish section if you select 'Publish to Apple Devices' and go to 'App technical details' 
  • Scroll down and check the box next to Push Notifications, then click Configure

  • Then under Production SSL Certificate, click Create Certificate

  • You will now upload a Certificate Signing Request. To generate a CSR, click the Learn More button.

    • NOTE you’ll need a mac to create your own CSR.

  • Once the CSR is created, click the continue button.

  • Once finished, go back to the App ID’s section to confirm that it now says that Push notifications are enabled: 

2. Create an APNs key:

  • Still in your Apple developer account,  go to ‘Keys’ and click the + to create a new key

  • Select the Apple Push notification service (APNs) and give it a name

  • On the next screen, click confirm and then your APNs key is created. 

  • Download it from here, but make sure to store this somewhere safe as it cannot be downloaded again

3.  Upload details from APNs key in Fliplet Studio:

  • Once you have downloaded your APns key, head back in to Fliplet Studio, 

  • Go to the ‘Publish’ section, and click Manage under ‘Publish to Apple’  

  • Select the Push notifications tab. This is where you need to add the details from the APNs key you just created in Fliplet Studio 

  • You can find the Key ID in your Apple developer account under ‘Keys’ and ‘All’. click on your specific key to see the information: 

  • Open the APNs file you downloaded (should be a p8 file) in a text editor or your browser window to get the key and copy everything, including the ---- Begin private key ---- part

  • Click save

4. Setup the app to ask users to sign up for notifications 

  • In Fliplet Studio, go to  ‘Send notifications’ in the publish section

  • In the ‘Permission popup’ tab, tick the box for "Show notification pop-up automatically" 

  • Click save

Final step is to publish the app so that the settings are applied to your live app. Do this by clicking on ‘Update your app’ and select your update method. For more help on publishing your app, please read this article.  


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