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Mandatory App Updates for iOS 13

Fliplet found a critical issue with iOS 13, the latest version of Apple iOS released 19 September 2019. The problem means apps do not load if they haven't been updated. To make sure your apps work on iOS 13 you must rebuild the ipa files of all your iOS apps.

What do I need to do to update my apps?

You must rebuild your apps via Fliplet Studio. If you find any other problems with your app please contact our support team.

For information about updating your Apple app store apps with Fliplet Studio please visit 

If you need help further understanding the various options for publishing to the app store, see this article

For information about updating your Apple enterprise apps with Fliplet Studio please visit

All iOS apps, either on the Apple app store or enterprise/private company app stores, must be updated.

How long will my app take to be reviewed by Apple?

Historically, Apple has reviewed apps quickly when a new version of iOS is being launched, so we expect any apps submitted to the app store in September or October will be reviewed quickly. To ensure your apps are approved quickly, we recommend you check that your Apple reviewer notes are up to date and your app store information is correct. DO NOT include things like ‘Fixes for iOS 13’ in your release notes.

What if I find other issues with my app?

Fliplet has been extensively testing iOS as part of our support and maintenance agreements with our customers, although isolated issues may affect specific apps.

If you need our assistance please reply to this email, contact Fliplet using the live chat in Studio, or email and we will be happy to help.

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