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Document automation

Note - this is a feature that requires code to implement. We recommend you discuss it with our Customer Success team if you'd like to use this feature.

What is document automation?

It is the automatic generation of word docx documents with a Fliplet app.

What features are available in doc automation?

Fliplet's doc automation is very powerful as it has a full programming language that can process data before passing it into the word document.

The features available are:

  1. Use data within apps from forms, decision trees or databases

  2. Link to other tech products via API

  3. Produce 1, many or a suite of docs

  4. Docs produced from a word or email template

  5. Apps use Javascript to perform calculations and data manipulation

  6. Trigger notifications, emails or downloads

  7. Track all data and analyse in Studio, excel or a database

Word templates can:

  1. Insert single values or sections

  2. Remove sections

  3. Insert images and digital signatures*

  4. Generate tables/lists

  5. Generate sentences and numbers*

* may require additional javascript libraries.

How can I get started with doc automation?

Contact our Customer Success team via live chat in Studio or and we will organise access to a demo app that you can customise. 

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