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Decision tree

Note - this is a feature that requires code to implement. We recommend you discuss it with our Customer Success team if you'd like to use this feature.

What is a decision tree

A decision tree is a series of dynamic questions. Based on answers to previous questions determines what questions are displayed to the user.

What features can be incorporated into a decision tree?

Decision trees are made up of questions, where questions are broken down across screens into logic groups. For example, screen 1 may include questions about the topic and screen 2 may include questions that are only relevant to someone who answered positively and screen 3 may include questions only for negative responses. Users are only shown the screens and questions relevant to their answers.

Sections and questions can include:

  1. Text & images

  2. Diagrams, documents, video, audio

  3. Questions

  4. Forms e.g. yes/no, radio, checkboxes, text, etc

  5. Multiple screens & questions

  6. Query database or API

Once a user completes the decision tree the app can display a results. The results screen can:

  1. Display result and captured data

  2. Produce a report

  3. Generate a word doc or email

  4. Trigger a notification or workflow

How can I get started with a decision tree?

Contact our Customer Success team via live chat in Studio or and we will organise access to a demo app that you can customise. 

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