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Appearance Settings Update

We’re excited to announce an overhaul of our appearance settings which we’re rolling out to users as we speak. New features include:

  1. You can now set styles for an individual component.  Look for the little orange paintbrush in the corner of the component. Previously appearance settings needed to be applied to a theme which changes all the components across an app

  2. You can apply different styles for different screen sizes.  This is really useful for layout stylings where you will probably want different layouts for desktop, tablet and mobile versions of the app

  3. We’ve given you many more styling options. Some of the new appearance options include margins, paddings, positioning, height, width, shadows and borders. 

  4. You can even change the units of the styles.  You may want your width to be specified in pixels or as a percentage of the space available which is really helpful 

  5. Oh - and everything is faster….

How to start using the new features

We’re conducting a phased rollout of the appearance features.  If you’d like to upgrade to the new features you can click on the appearance paintbrush on the right hand menu and select the option to upgrade. 

Details on how to use the new features

To learn all about the new settings in the Appearances read this article.  We’ll be producing some videos shortly.  

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