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Fliplet Studio - New Design

Welcome to the new Fliplet Studio! 

Please enjoy a quick video explaining the changes to your Studio view and where to find things.


We've improved the design to make the interface more clear and simple to use. Additionally, we have grouped similar features together and provide faster access to common features while in Edit mode. 

All dark parts are "menu" and all light parts are "editable/interactive".

Home Screen

My Apps - now includes app inspiration and a link to where you can see all the beautiful creations that have been made using Studio. 

Create App - now select the + button to add a new app to your arsenal. There is a new "browse template" layout where you can see a preview of each styled template available or click "Show me more" to view the features and interact with the template to decide if it's right for you. 

Clicking "Show me more" will provide additional template info along with an interactive example on the right to explore the features. 

You can select which template to use from either pop-up. 

Edit App - features a new sidebar where Edit, Preview, and Publish are on the upper right of the horizontal menu. 

The vertical menu on the right now allows you to access your Data Sources while editing and manage your files directly in edit mode. 

App settings and Invite collaborators also live over here with all the other settings and controls. 

Improved Preview - allows you to preview your app on a number of different screen sizes with 3 icons at the top for fast access. There are also new web preview sizes so you can test on different display sizes. 

Preview App - is now in Dark Mode so you can focus on the content that is directly on the app screen and give your full attention to testing it. 

There is easy access to Fliplet Viewer and Invite colleagues on the right hand side, so you can optimize the testing experience. 


We've changed the layout and design for ease of use, so you can focus on the task at hand and find the tools you need to get the job done! 

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