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How to Edit your App - Appearance

Part 3 - Appearance settings (Branding)

After adding some components to your app (or before! you can do this part at any time) you can update the overall look and feel of the app through the appearance feature in the right hand toolbar. 

You can select from a few pre-loaded “themes” or you can customize the app however you’d like. 

Many organizations have a brand guide that they like to follow and will typically use this as a reference for the colours, fonts, links, headings, buttons, and layouts, but by no means is that a requirement. 

As you can see here, you can change the look and feel of every single part of the app

Remember those components we just looked at? Well, not only are they customizable based on the content you want to fill them with, they’re also customizable in appearance. 

Let’s look at a button we added.

Head over to that screen on your app, select “buttons” from the appearance dropdown, and change the colour. 

You can change the primary colour, text colour, border, border radius and button colour when clicked. 

When you open the colour selector, you can also change the transparency, just in case you want to see a bit of the background, or create a button that is solely an outline. 

Select “Apply changes” and you’ll see the button colour update in the app previewer. 

If you don’t know what some of these options are, that’s okay. It’s probably because we haven’t reached that level of customization… yet. 

We’ll cover these in more detail in the Intermediate level tutorials. 

For now, check out our next video and article on menu settings!

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