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The Fliplet workflow of creating your app.

Welcome to your demo app!

In the next video and accompanying article we’ll be going over the typical Fliplet workflow by way of the options at the top.

Watch the video or continue with the article below to learn more. 

We’ll cover the edit, preview, publish and settings options, starting with edit.

After you create your app from a template, even a blank one, you’ll come to the edit page.

This is definitely the most complicated and most robust section of Fliplet studio, so we’ll cover a more detailed explanation in another video.

To give you a brief overview of the functionality, on the left, you’ll see all the screens within your app, you can create new screens, change the order of screens, and edit existing screens. 

In the middle, you’ll see the app screens as they would appear on a device. You can edit the content directly on the device, or drag and drop new components from the section on the right. 

We’ll explain all the different components in another video, or you can play around with them in your account to get a better feel of how it works. 

The Preview section is where you’ll look at how your app would appear on various devices and screens. You'll notice we go into "dark mode" so you can focus on the screen instead of the surroundings.

This is where you can do some testing of the functionality and views, and for further testing, feel free to download Fliplet Viewer on your mobile or tablet devices… 

Simply login with your Fliplet credentials and this gives you an opportunity to view your apps and any changes directly on your device without publishing to the app or play stores. 

The Publish section is where you’re able to choose from various publishing channels for distributing your app. You won’t need this section until you’ve completed your app, and we’ll cover the fine details in another video. 

Finally, the app Settings are where you’d fine-tune the administrative details of your app like the logo, name, tokens, and security features. 

You can access the Settings from two places: by clicking the App icon in the upper left hand corner (at any time) and by clicking the gear icon from the right hand menu in the Edit section. 

So there you have it, an overview of the typical Fliplet workflow. 

Go to the next article and video in the series to learn "How to Edit your App"!

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