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How do I build an app?

Chances are, you're here because you want to create an app using Fliplet. 

Feel free to use the article, take a look at the first video in our series, or both! 

Create app

Creating an App will bring you to a screen where you can select a template (or start from scratch) to make a new app. 

As you can see, there are a number of preloaded templates you can choose from when creating a new app. Feel free to select the one you think most closely matches your business’ needs by previewing each. Like this: 

For simplicity, let’s select the Event app template as it demonstrates a wide variety of features. To select it just click the button ‘use this template’. 

By the way, each app has a short explanation of the features and functionality included… just expand the “Show me more” section to learn about each.

Next, I will name our app. Since we’re demoing the platform, let’s call it “Event”. You should name your app something simple yet recognizable that easily explains the purpose. Like, “New Employee Training App” or “Internal Company Directory App”. 

Once your app is loaded up in your dashboard, it’s time to edit and customize it. 

At any time, if you’d like to create a new or different app, or switch to another one of your creations, simply navigate back to your home screen by clicking the Home Icon in the upper left corner and selecting “Create App”.

My Apps 

Back on the home screen, My Apps shows a list of all apps you have created or are in progress. 

From the My Apps section you can change a number of the app's specifics. Most of these features are at a more intermediate level and we’ll get into them in a later tutorial. 


You can also move from app to app on this screen. When you select an app you want to work on, you’ll immediately jump to the “Edit” function in Fliplet Studio. 

Check out the next video and article in the series to learn about the typical workflow of creating an app.

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