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Manage your data sources

How to create and manage your data sources

  1. You can manage all of your data sources by going to the main 'Browse your app' section and clicking on the Manage app data button

  2. In the Data source manager, you will see a list of all of your available data sources and which apps are using them.

    • A data source can be used by multiple apps, so feel free to re-use your contact directory across multiple apps

  3. To edit a data source, just click on the name of the data source or the button labelled Edit 

  4. To create a new data source, click on the button at the top 

    • If you are creating a new data source you will first need to label your data source, then you’ll be greeted by an empty data sheet with two rows of sample data  

  5. All data sources have 3 different tabs: Entries, User permissions and Settings

  6. Entries is where you edit the data itself

    • Type directly into the cells or copy and paste your data from an existing data source 

    • For some handy tips and shortcuts, scroll down to the bottom of the article

    • Use the toolbar at the top of the data source to add/remove columns and rows. You can also use the undo/redo button if you make any mistakes

    • You can also right-click on any of the cells and you will get the same options as in the toolbar (add/remove rows and columns, undo/redo) 

    • Make sure to always save the changes you make, and bear in mind that if the data source is large then this might take a few seconds  

  7. User permissions allows you to give users access to the data source or delete users from the access list

    • To do this you need to find the user ID (note: this is something you can only find if you are an org admin) 

    • For the account settings, click ok for the access: crudq 

  8. In the Settings tab you can manage some larger configurations such as

    • Do you want to exclude the data when downloading the app 

      • We recommend you tick this box as a default for security reasons unless there's a reason you need to download the data in 

    • Define the data source - this is an additional feature for developers to enable features such as security and 2 factor authentication. For more developer documentation please click here

    • Create a bypass code - you will need to use this feature if you are launching your app to the public app store and have any of our security components enabled. For more info on this please read this guide

Our tips/handy shortcuts for data source management: 

  • If you want to copy a whole set of a data source, press ctrl + a (or cmnd+a on mac) to highlight all cells, then copy and paste all of your data directly into the source 

  • Want to include a line break in a cell? Just use hit Command or Option + Enter on Mac or CTRL + Enter on Windows

  • Use shift + arrows to select multiple cells

  • Use Enter after editing a cell to move to the cell below

  • Use shift + Enter after editing to move to the cell above after 

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