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Configure push notifications for Windows

How to enable push notifications for your Windows app on Fliplet Studio 

Login to your Windows account here

  • Click on the dashboard button in the top right corner of the screen of the screen

  • If your app doesn't exist you will need to create one otherwise select your App on the dashboard
  • Now, in the left-hand menu select Services> App Management> WNS/MPNS. 
    • Window's Dashboard has its own help support document to help you along the way if you have any problems. Find it here

Finally, enable push notification in your app

1. Once you have your Package Security Identifier and Clients Secret Key from your Window's Point you'll need to go back to Studio to enter your Identifier and Key to Platforms Push Notification area, (highlighted in red below).  

  • Click on Launch checklist
  • Under Distribute your app 
  • Select Microsoft / Windows and then Push notifications.

2. Then you'll need to Configure the Push Interface under the "Send push notification area". 

  • You'll need to tick the "Show notification pop-up automatically" and then save.
  • You can also customise a pop-up to appear on a specific page by placing the code snippet (highlighted) on the wanted screen of your app.Then Save.

 Find more information about sending push notification here

Note: You need to publish your app for these push notifications settings to be applied to your app.

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