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Splash screen

The splash screen is the image that will appear in your app every time it is launched. It will only be visible for a few seconds, but since it’s visible every time the app is opened it’s important to have a splash screen that is of good quality. 

To set your Splash screen, go into the App settings tab in Fliplet Studio and click on Launch assets

Here, upload your Splash screen. We recommend an image with 2732 × 2732 pixels resolution. This is to ensure that we have the best image quality on all devices.

To test what your splash screen looks like on different devices, click on ‘See how your splash screen looks on different devices’

Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to see what the image looks like next to each other on different devices. 

If your image doesn’t look great on all the different devices, you might have to slightly change the size to make sure none of your branding is cut off. 

As a guide, use this for sizing your splash screen image: 


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