Fliplet will have the latest version of iOS supported before it’s released. Apple only have beta versions to test with prior to the final build and they often have bugs that are not present in the final version. This happens every year.

We will notify clients of our testing status on the new iOS as soon as the final release is ready and we will confirm if any action is required, such as an app update via Fliplet Studio.

Apple will notify us when a new version of iOS reaches the final version, this usually happens a week before the new version of iOS is made available to all iOS devices.

We can only confirm if an issue will require apps to be upgraded once we have the final version. This is frustrating, although expected as it is the same every year. Fliplet is used to managing the risk. Based on previous experience issues with new iOS releases, issues will often affect only minor features of apps if they have any impact at all. Major issues are very rare.

Apple is usually very quick to approve apps submitted to the App Store near iOS launch dates and Fliplet’s app build and launch features make it easy for clients to produce new versions of iOS apps if required and submit them to Apple or share them with IT for internal apps.

Prior to receiving the final version of iOS it is impossible to predict what issues Fliplet will need to resolve but we will have more information available as soon as we receive the newest final iOS version.