Q. What is Fliplet AI?

A. Fliplet AI refers to the integration of the OpenAI API within our platform. This integration is incorporated in several screen templates and is a part of the Event – Single solution. For more detailed information about using the API, please refer to our developer documentation.

Q. What does Fliplet use for AI?

A. Currently, all AI elements within Fliplet utilize the OpenAI API. For more information on how this works and its implications, please visit the OpenAI privacy policy and the API section of the usage policies.

Q. How does Fliplet send my data to AI?

A. Your data is sent to AI only when you choose to use specific features that require AI interaction. Fliplet does not automatically send any data. For instance, our AI App Assistant tool will transmit only the information input into its various forms. Or when you choose to update the data of the Universal Search in the Event – Single solution, some of the information in various data sources in your app will be sent to OpenAI.

Q. What kind of data should I use with AI?

A. It is crucial to EXCLUDE any private/personal data as well as proprietary information. Most of our features allow you to specify exactly what is sent to AI, ensuring greater control and security.

Q. What if I don’t want to use AI?

A. All AI features in Fliplet are optional and can be removed without affecting the overall functionality of the platform. Most features can be disabled by simple actions like deleting a button. For specific instructions, please refer to the screen instructions or contact our support team for assistance.


For more information about the use or removal of AI, please contact the support team.

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